About Us

Crystlin's Boutique was started because of the need to add extra supplemental income to my pocket due to the pandemic. I purchase the clothing with the thought of my potential customers in mind and of what they would like to see, Juniors and Woman, that are interested in mainly, tops, leggings, Jewelry, accessories. I am based in Texas but would love to get customers from every part of the United States, and now internationally. Also, all of my clothing I handpick and come from within US nowhere else, meaning, I source all of my clothing within the US. does not mean they were made here, just buying from the best wholesalers so that there are no delays in making them available on my stores website and sent out to you on a timely fashion, wherever you may be located they are readily available to be shipped. I am always looking for the best in merchandise, that I feel that potential customers will like with the focus on being comfortable at home (Tank Tops, Camis), or when working out (Leggings, Yoga pants), or finding a great top or piece of jewelry to go with that cute outfit, so rest assured this online store will be filled in no time. 

I love to see woman like me look their best and feel their best!



Thank you for shopping with me!