Crystlin s Boutique, LLC (s stands for Service) is looking for awesome Customer Service, Sales Reps, Scheduler that are looking to work from home either part-time to add to their income or full time, if you are looking for that work life balance! This is great for you if you are a Stay-at-home mom or dad, disabled and cannot work at a certain capacity, military spouses, and college students. Make extra money when you need, be at home for and with your family, make your own schedule, so let’s be clear you will be working as an independent contractor or sole proprietor, but servicing different clients in which you will get to choose your own at that point, I will be here to help you along the way from On Boarding with me to your first call

Here is what it will take, here are the FAQs

  1. You will need a Desktop computer some clients prefer for you to have dual screen but not required -pass a Tech assessment, CPU must be intel core 5 or higher the assessment will advise of this 
  2. ASD USB-3.0 8gb-again check with client on the opportunity page
  3. A clean background – the background check starting on 9/1/2022 will be $30, if you stay on, and work for 60 days you will get this back via direct deposit
  4. There is an Admin Fee of $25.00 each month on the 15th (so it will be the last pay date) and Tech Support Fee of $19.75 (this is for technical support, chat/fixes as needed)- this will be deducted from your check on the 1st and the 15th of each month
  5. That comes to pay dates-you are paid via direct deposit on the 1st and the 15th of the month if you don’t have direct deposit, please let me know
  6. Certification classes are free, however if you go through the motions and you pass everything and are its time to start classes and you do not show up there is a $20 no-show fee that is not negotiable, it is deducted by the servicer
  7. Onboarding is a process once accepted you will receive my unique business ID when you are given the company website to register, and this is  to make sure that you are servicing as a contractor under my IBO and once you are fully in the system, and getting certified you will receive all that I mentioned, your independent contractor agreement, offer letter, how to contact me, a pay date calendar, direct deposit for or pay pal or provide me your pay pal email address

Ready to get start request a application today!

-Virtual Assistant Independent-Part-Time -Contractor $10 hr 

Just a couple of hours a day to start- hours can increase plus pay

Job Duties:

-Posting to social Media-manager (instagram and Facebook)

- Assisting with making sure website description is correct

-help with Onboarding and Reviewing applications as well as other VA job duties as needed!

If interested please ask for an application! 

**A Great Way to earn extra cash to pay a bill or two or make it your main job, VA Assistant can change to permanent employee after review**


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